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The Magic Jack Plus Reviews Website

If you are sick and tired of paying to much for your home phone then you should consider the Magic Jack Plus. With the magic Jack Plus you can cut your phone bill to just $29.95 per year which averages out to about $2.50 per month.

Product Overview

Magic Jack is a type of VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol that relies on an internet connection in order to place calls both locally and internationally. Within minutes of receiving the device, you will be able to start making calls. Simply plug in the device into your computer's USB port and the software will automatically download to your computer as you undergo the registration process. One setup you will be ready to make unlimited local and long distance calling for only $29.95 per year. With the magic Jack Plus you can make calls straight from your computer or you can hook it up to your router and bypass the use of a computer.

The magic Jack Plus comes with all of the same features that you have come to expect with your regular landline including the following: free phone number, call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, voice mail, three-way calling, 911, 411, and more.

Company Behind The MagicJack Plus

Telecom vet Dan Borislow pioneered the magic Jack through his telecommunications company Ymax. Ymax and Barislow have a long history in the telecommunications business and their future plans include expanding magic Jack usage and coming out with many new and innovative designs. Ymax has now merged with VocalTec and is now called VocalTec Communications. VocalTec recently went public and is now traded on the stock market.

MagicJack Plus Price

You can purchase the magicJack Plus for an initial price of $69.95. This includes both the device and 1 year of phone service. For subsequent years of service it costs just $29.95 per year. Other options that can raise the cost include device insurance for $10 and the ability to port your phone number at a cost of $20.

30-Day Free Trial Guarantee

All purchases of the magicJack Plus via their official website come with a 30-day free trial. If you purchase the magic Jack Plus and you are not satisfied with it you can return it for a refund. The product must be returned within 30 days of the date of purchase to qualify for a refund.


"I received my order quickly. The set up was simple. I had a few questions and contacted magicJack's "online chat" tech. I was connected very quickly, and found the agent to be very knowledgeable and courteous. I was totally satisfied with the experience. I've had my magicJack Plus in use for about a month and have experienced no problems whatsoever."

- user lenligmah

"Loved it and to date several others have listened to my advice and they have one too. Its not perfect, it cuts out once in awhile but then so does my cell phone and that costs a lot more money. All in all I say, go for it, if just for a back up phone. Its awesome, I took mine on vacation with me and hooked it up to my laptop. I was able to make international calls back to the US for free."

- user cgrams

"I bought a MJ+ few months ago, I`m using it in Brazil to make my internationals calls to U.S., it helps me a lot, my phone bill is so low now!!! Thanks Magic Jack!!! I hope it continues like this!"

- user anon

"Had MJ for 2 months in Iraq. Used it to call home in the states. LOVE IT! no problems whatsoever. "

- user anon

What I Like About The MagicJack Plus

The magicJack Plus is very nice since it can be installed with tremendous ease and has an extremely user-friendly interface. The magic Jack Plus is also great because it can be taken with you when you travel and used anywhere that a broadband Internet connection exists. Lastly, it is so great because of the low cost of only $29.95/year for unlimited local and long distance. I also like the sound quality which is really good since they upgrade to the new magic Jack.

What I Don't Like About The MagicJack Plus

Magic Jack has been known for having subpar customer service. It sure would be nice to see them add telephone customer service to their support options. I also don't like that current users of the old device can't upgrade to the new one at a discounted price.


If you want to save a ton of money on your home phone bill then purchasing the MagicJack Plus is a great idea. I really do like the magicJack Plus and recommend it to my friends. For the low cost of just $29.95 per year and a free trial period there is little reason to avoid giving this gadget at try.